Photography by Wade Wilcox

Photography by Wade Wilcox

Indiana State Fair (August 2019)

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Clydesdale: Best Foal

Clydesdale: Best of Breed

Clydesdale: Gelding Six

Clydesdale: Gelding Team

Clydesdale: Geldings

Clydesdale: Groups

Clydesdale: JR SR Champs

Clydesdale: Jr Team

Clydesdale: Ladies Cart

Clydesdale: Mare Cart

Clydesdale: Mare Four

Clydesdale: Mare Halter Classes

Clydesdale: Mare Team

Clydesdale: Mare Unicorn

Clydesdale: Men's Cart

Clydesdale: Open Unicorn

Clydesdale: Stallions

Percheron: Best of Breed

Percheron: Gelding Team

Percheron: Jr Cart

Percheron: Jr Team

Percheron: Mare Cart

Percheron: Mare Four

Percheron: Mare Unicorn

Percheron: Men's Cart

Percheron: Open Four

Percheron: Open Six

Percheron: Under Saddle

Percheron: Youth Decorating

Percheron: Youth Showmanship

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