2018 Keystone International Livestock Expo - Draft Horse Photos


Photos are grouped below- each is accompanied by a unique reference number

Please keep in mind that these photos have not been brightened, cropped, straightened, color-corrected, etc.,

these changes will be made once a photo has been purchased.


Photos are $40 each for either electronic or printed versions with discounts based on total number of photos purchased.


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Note - All Thursday and Friday Halter Class photos

are each posted in a single group in chronological order


Thursday Halter Classes - All Photos

Four-Horse Registered Mares

Men's Cart - Draft Pony

Youth Halflinger

Junior Team

Halflinger Draft Pony Team

Unicorn Hitch

Pennsylvania Exhibitors

Youth Showmanship 8-13

Senior Team

Belgian Team

Four-Horse Draft Pony

Ladies' Cart - Halflinger Draft Pony

Scholarship Presentation

Youth Team Halflinger Pony

Registered Mare Team

Ladies' Cart - Clyde & Shire

Tandem - Open

Adult English Pleasure

Mare Cart

Jenny Benny

Ladies' Cart - Percherons

Classic Cart

Youth English Pleasure

Six-Horse Gelding

Men's Cart - Percherons

Ladies' Cart - Belgians

Ladies Team

Adult Western

Six-Horse Mare

Men's Cart - Clyde & Shire

Unicorn - Halflinger Pony

Percheron Gelding/Stallion Team

Youth Western

Six-Horse Championship

Men's Cart - Belgians

Four-Horse - Open

Clyde/Shire Team

Youth Cart 14-19

Eight Horse Hitch

Jack Benny

Tandem Pony

Youth Decorating

Youth Cart 8-13


Friday Halter Classes - All Photos

Unicorn - Registered Mares

Youth Showmanship 14-19

Halflinger Draft Pony Cart